YPC Weekly Newsletter



On December 9, RA Commercial Court notified the founder of "A1+", “Meltex” LLC that its suit versus the National Commission on Television and Radio, with the claim to annul the National Commission decision on granting broadcast license to “Cinemax” LLC, has not been put into execution. The founder of “A1+” has sued the results of voting on October 13, 2003 based on which “Cinemax” was announced winner of the competition on using the 63d UHF of Yerevan. “A1+” TV company, also participating in this competition, holds that the bid of “Cinemax” (broadcasting “EuroNews” and “ArmNews” programs) contained false information (see details in YPC Weekly Newsletter, November 14-27, 2003).

The written notification on rejecting the suit dated back December 5. According to the plaintiff, there was a violation of the Civil Code provision, which stipulates that the court decision on returning the suit is to be reached within three days since its submission. However, the founder of “A1+” filed the suit on December 1.

The court brings artificial and even absurd reasons as substantiation for rejecting the suit. For instance, it relies on the fact that the suit documents do not entitle “Meltex” President, Mesrop Movsisian to represent his own company. One needs to note that for the last year and a half “Meltex” has been involved in several trials, and no claims of similar kind were put to its previous suits. It comes to prove one more time that in each case new pretexts are used for ignoring the rights of “A1+” TV company.

Meanwhile, “A1+” administration declared that it intends to file another suit to RA Commercial Court.