YPC Weekly Newsletter



On January 9 five private TV companies of Armenia – “Prometheus”,
“ALM”, “Armenia”, “Shant” and “Kentron”
made a joint decision on setting common conditions for political advertising
during the election campaign of the candidates for the RA presidency. According
to the agreement, each of the candidates is entitled to a purchase of not more
than 80 minutes of advertising time. The minimum price for a minute of political
advertising will make 0 for UHF channels and 0 – for the VHF.

On January 13 the Council of Public TV and Radio Company of Armenia also passed
a decision on allocating airtime for the pre-election promotions, as complying
with the provisions of the RA Election Code, regulating the campaign coverage
by public and state media. The maximum duration of free TV air will make 60
minutes, while the paid airtime will amount to 120 minutes. The quote of free
radio air is equal to 120 minutes, the length of the paid radio air comes to
180 minutes.

By the decision of the Council, the free and paid airtime of Public TV will
be provided to the candidates for pre-election promotion every evening at 19.00-20.30.
The price of one minute is to make 70,800 drams (about 0). The free air of
the Public Radio of Armenia will be provided at 14.30-16.00, while the paid
airtime will be allocated at 21.40-23.30 every day. A minute of advertising
will be priced at 17,700 drams (about ).