YPC Weekly Newsletter



On January 28 the International Press-Center “Elections-2003” hosted
the first of the series of press-conferences of the principal characters of
the election race. The International Press Center has been established recently
adjacently to the Journalists Union of Armenia under “Role of Media and
Journalistic Associations in the Election Coverage” project, supported
by OSI Assistance Foundation-Armenia. The Armenian media representatives met
the RA presidency candidate, the leader of Democratic Party of Armenia Aram
Sargsian. Among the questions asked on the press-conference, the media activities
during the election period were also discussed. Accordingly, Aram Sargsian noted
that the Public Television of Armenia in its coverage of election promotion
of the presidency candidates display preference for the President in office.

On January 31 International Press Center hosted the second press-conference,
where journalists met the candidate for RA presidency, the head of “Perspective”
Center of Strategic Initiatives Aram Karapetian. The question of how you assess
the work of media during the election camping was answered by Aram Karapetian
as follows: “Normally. The media work exactly as we thought. Some newspapers
are attacking and this helps the opposition a lot.”