YPC Weekly Newsletter



On June 25 the session of the RA Commercial Court on the suit of "Dar 21", "ARMENAKOB", "TV 5", "Yerevan" and "EV" TV companies versus the National Commission on Television and Radio was held, where it was ruled to leave the case unheard. As it has been reported, on May 8 the RA Court of Cassation secured the challenge of five TV companies against the resolution of the Commercial Court, dismissing the demand of the broadcasters to the National Commission to return the applications for broadcast licensing competition for revision. The case was directed to Commercial Court for reconsideration (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, May 9-15, 2003).

At the session for repeated consideration of the case, the attorney of the plaintiffs was not present, having previously made a motion of revoking the suit. The resolution of the Commercial Court of March 14, having taken the side of the National Commission on Television and Radio, thus remains in force.

Hence, the broadcast licensing competition for five UHFs in Yerevan, announced as far back as on October 15 last year and constantly delayed by the endless succession of court hearings, will now most probably be held. As it is known, "A1+" TV company takes part in it, too. The presidential and parliamentary elections are over, the political passions have subdued. However, the question of whether the authorities would allow the opposition channel to get back on air remains open.