YPC Weekly Newsletter



On November 28-29, a seminar “Court Case: The Role of Media” took place in
Yerevan. It was organized by the American Bar Association Central European and
Eurasian Law Initiative (ABA/CEELI) Armenian Representative Office, the Council
of Europe and European Commission. The main issue for discussion of the “third”
and “fourth estate” of Armenia, representatives of international organizations
was justice-media relations, access of the public and media to court trials,
principles of professional coverage of trials. The presentation by Pall Thorhallsson,
the Administrative Officer of the Media Division of General Directorate II of
the Council of Europe, was devoted to European standards, basic documents in
this sphere. The seminar expert, Judge of Court of Leuhwarden, Erno Melssen
spoke about the Dutch experience of cooperation between two power branches.
During the seminar, the presentation of the brochure “Judicial Reporter’s Guide”,
published with the support of ABA/CEELI, was held.