YPC Weekly Newsletter



In the early morning of September 27 in Yerevan, the Chief Editor of “Or” newspaper Gayaneh Mukoyan and her husband, Director of “Or” Rafael Hovakimian were assaulted. Near their house, Hovakimian’s vehicle was blocked by a Niva car, out of which four unknown men in masks emerged. Introducing himself as a representative of law-and-order bodies, one of the men demanded that Rafael Hovakimian leave the car. In reply to his request to give more details as to his name and position Hovakimian was dragged out of the car and hit on the head. Gayaneh Mukoyan attempted to get in touch with the police by her mobile phone, however she too was dragged out of the car and received several severe strikes in the face, her telephone being snatched out.

The Chief Editor of "Or" is hospitalized with the diagnosis of a broken nose and a slight concussion of the brain. She was operated on and her condition is now satisfactory. The investigation is conducted by Nor-Nork Police Department on Article 258, Part 3 (public disorder with infliction of physical injury).

YPC Comment: This another act of violence towards a media representative cannot fail to cause indignation. There is little hope that we will learn the truth about the incident and that those at fault will be punished. Not a single case of attacks on journalists was disclosed during the years of the third Armenian republic. Another sad circumstance comes forth with regard to the assault on the administration of “Or” newspaper. There are more and more people ready to pay the media for publishing compromising pieces on their competitors in politics or business. Unfortunately, the demand for such services is met by sufficient number of journalists providing them. There are also the “victims” eager to pay back for the insult received. And the journalist turns out to be the most helpless person in this situation. No one will protect him or her from violence and no one will punish the offenders…