YPC Weekly Newsletter



On February 6 the National Commission on Television and Radio approved the
changes to the Procedure of holding broadcast licensing competitions. The modifications
were introduced due to the adoption of amendments to the RA Law “On Television
and Radio” on December 3, 2003.

According to the new rules, now the broadcast licensing competitions will be
announced not two, but six months ahead of the license expiry date for the frequency.
The deadline for submission of applications by broadcasters has also been prolonged
– 90 days (instead of the previous 25) since the competition announcement. The
National Commission determines the winner on 150th day (previously – the 40th).

The Procedure will come into force after the approval by the RA Ministry of

Meanwhile, on February 12 the National Commission announced a competition for
a broadcast license on FM 106.5 MHz of Yerevan. The deadline for applications
in the competition expires on May 11, 2004. The bids will be considered by the
National Commission on May 24.

Currently on 106.5 MHz “Impulse” radio station is aired, partly rebroadcasting
the programs of Russian “Mayak” Radio.

Due to the renaming of “Prometheus” TV company to the Second Armenian TV Channel
on the session of February 6 the National Commission secured the request of
the broadcaster to introduce appropriate changes into its license.