YPC Weekly Newsletter



On March 23, RA Ministry of Justice, Internews Armenia and “Article 19” Global
Campaign for Freedom of Expression adopted a joint communique as a result of
two days’ discussions (March 22-23) on amendments to RA Law “On Freedom of Information”,
approved by Armenian Government on February 12, 2004.

The sides agreed that the discussion on introducing amendments to Law “On Freedom
of Information”, adopted in September 2003, should not impede implementation
of the existing Law. “The Ministry of Justice welcomes any proposals that would
facilitate the implementation of the existing Freedom of Information Law and
will consider them seriously”, the communique notes. Any amendments to
the Law will aim to strengthen and clarify protection of the right to freedom
of information as recognized in this Law, the RA Constitution and international
agreements, as further mentioned.

Besides, the communique emphasizes that ”in the process of drafting and adopting
amendments to the Freedom of Information Law there will be full consultation
with civil society, including the Freedom of Information Civic Initiative, Internews
Armenia, the Yerevan Press Club and others, and international organizations”.

The communique also contains accorded commentary on several articles of the
Law “On Freedom of Information”.