YPC Weekly Newsletter



In compliance with the RA Law “On Mass Communication”, the National Commission on Television and Radio (NCTR) ratified the Procedure on Accrediting Journalists in NCTR. The document was based on the Model Procedure for Accrediting Journalists in State Administration Bodies approved by RA Government on March 2004 (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, March 19-25, 2004).

According to the provisions of the Procedure, the results of National Commission activity will be reported no less than once per two months, also by placing information on NCTR web site. And no less than once a half year, NCTR Chairman will give account of the accomplished work at a press conference.

The document sets a valid period for accreditation and its quotas: no less than one year, as well as per one journalist and photo correspondent/TV cameraman from each media outlet, if not for the case when the person responsible for accreditation “is previously agreed with and the participation of a larger number of journalists, photo correspondents and cameramen will not limit participation opportunities for other accredited journalists”. Visit to NCTR by an accredited media representative, beyond scheduled activities, is also to be agreed with the person responsible for accreditation, appointed by National Commission Chairman.

As the law stipulates, the Procedure for Accrediting Journalists in the National Commission on Television and Radio will enter into force since its publication. As YPC was informed in NCTR, the document will soon be published in the Bulletin of Normative Administrative Acts.