YPC Weekly Newsletter



On October 7 at the session of the National Commission on Television and Radio a decision was adopted to issue a license for cable broadcasting in Kapan city (Syunik region) to “Hustup TV”. The company had filed an appropriate application with NCTR on September 27.

At the session the request of Charentsavan “Lusalik” TV company to suspend its license till March 1, 2005 due to the need to renovate the transmitter damaged in a thunderstorm was also secured. As it has been reported, by the broadcast licensing competition results of June 11, 2003, “Lusalik” retained the right to air on the 32nd UHF of Charentsavan (Kotayk region).

The National Commission agreed to suspend the license till August 1, 2005 for another company – “Ashtarak TV”. This request was motivated by the head of the channel that he will go on a lengthy business trip. As NCTR informs, the license for cable broadcasting was issued to “Ashtarak TV” on October 1, 2002. It should be noted that “Ashtarak TV” stopped its activities in May this year because of a conflict with the owner of the premises where the editorial office was residing and unpaid tax liabilities (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, June 4-10, 2004 and June 18-24, 2004).