YPC Weekly Newsletter



On April 18 and 25 on the evening air of the Second Armenian TV Channel the
twenty-first and twenty-second “Press Club” shows were issued. The cycle is
organized by Yerevan Press Club under a homonymous project, supported by the
OSI Network Media Program.

On April 18 the main discussion subject of the leading media and journalistic
associations was the foreign policy of Armenia in the context of Karabagh conflict
resolution and the relations with NATO and Russia.

On April 25 the “Press Club” participants addressed the events on the 90th
anniversary of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 (commemorated on April 24) and
the issues of the international recognition of the Genocide. As the program
participants predict, this week the Armenian media will continue to discuss
this subject, centering on the assessment of the events held by the specially
established state commission, as well as on the response of international press,
primarily the Turkish one.