YPC Weekly Newsletter



On April 22 “Ankyun+3” TV company (Alaverdi, Lori region) went on air with
almost a three-hour delay. As YPC was told by the Director of the TV company
Sos Siradeghian, the reason was the damage of cables, connecting the studio
to the TV tower. The damage was revealed at about 18.00, right before the start
of the broadcasts. The cables drawn to the TV tower on the roof of the neighboring
building were cut by nippers. In the opinion of “Ankyun+3” head, the incident
is related to the election campaign for the position of Alaverdi Mayor currently
underway (the ballot is to be held on May 8). Sos Siradeghian noted, though,
that all three candidates for the position of the head of the municipality expressed
their indignation at the occurrence. The Director of the TV company also informed
that he had notified the territorial subdivision of the RA National Security
Service. A report on the incident was shown the next day, on April 23, by the
newscast of “Ankyun+3”.