YPC Weekly Newsletter



On April 11 RA Commercial Court heard the case of the RA National Science Academy
versus the founder of “A1+” TV company, “Meltex” LLC. The suit demanded to vacate
the premises, currently rented by “A1+” at one of the Yerevan buildings. As
it has been reported, this demand was repeatedly voiced by NAS throughout the
last year, and in 2005 it was intensified to be an ultimatum. According to the
“A1+” head Mesrop Movsesian, the Academy also called for paying the rent owed
and thus violated the existing agreements. According to these, as Movsesian
noted, the rental fee was to be deduced from the investment that “A1+” made
into the building renovation (see details in YPC Weekly Newsletter, February
4-10, 2005

As YPC was told by lawyer Tigran Ter-Yesayan, the attorney of “A1+” in its
litigations, it is this circumstance that was used as a basis for the counter-claim,
filed by “A1+” against the National Science Academy and containing financials
claims. Thus, as Tigran Ter-Yesayan stressed, should “A1+” be evicted, NAS will
become the debtor of “A1+”, since the rent owed is much less than the investment
made into the building renovation (over $ 30,000, according to the head of the
TV company).

In the course of the hearings the Commercial Court dismissed the counter-claim
and two other motions of the respondent. One of the motions demanded the plaintiff
to compensate the expenses on the dissembling and transportation of the equipment,
necessary to vacate the premises, the other motion challenged the judge.

The RA Commercial court made a ruling to secure the suit of NAS.

According to the “A1+” lawyer, the TV company intends to challenge the ruling
made with the court of supreme jurisdiction.