YPC Weekly Newsletter



On December 27 at the Journalists Union of Armenia the State Language Inspection
announced the results of “Clean Air” competition. Throughout the year the staff
of the State Inspection monitored the TV and radio air of the country to determine
how correct the use of Armenian language by journalists and media is. The competition
winners were: Public Radio of Armenia (“Clean Air” nomination); “Haylur” newscast
of the Public Television of Armenia (“Clean Program”) and its host Artak Herikian
(“Host with the best command of the language”); “Century” authorship program
of Artem Sargsian on “Armenia” TV channel (“Program with Best Language”);
“Avetis” studio (“Most Effective Promotion of the Language”); “Who Wants to
Become a Millionaire?” program on “Shant” TV Channel in Yerevan (“Cognitive
Program in the Cleanest Language”). The award for the clean speech was granted
post mortem to RA National Assembly Deputy Artak Arakelian. Special diplomas
were also awarded to over a dozen of journalists.