YPC Weekly Newsletter



On July 15 at the Journalists Union of Armenia the new books in Armenian language,
published by Yerevan Press Club in “Journalist’s Library” series, were presented.
These are: “Basics of Media Writing” (translation of a homonymous textbook by
Columbia University professor Melvin Mencher); “Self-Regulation. International
Experience and Prospects in Armenia” (collection of articles, remarks, researches
on media self-regulation); “Conversations on Psychology of Journalism” (textbook
for journalism departments by Roza Eghiazarian). Assistance to the publication
of these books was provided by the Open Society Institute, OSCE Office in Yerevan
and Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Besides, the second volume of “Curricula” for
the departments of journalism, developed by Yerevan Press Club and Journalism
Department of Yerevan State University under “Developing Resources For Free
and Quality Media” YPC project supported by Open Society Institute, was introduced.
(The first volume of the “Curricula” for undergraduate and graduate schools
of journalism was published in 2002).

At the JUA meeting the London-based Media Diversity Institute (MDI) presented
manuals, published by MDI in Armenian, Russian and English languages with the
support of the European Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the
Netherlands: “Reporting Diversity Manual” (author – David Tuller); “A Media
Relations Handbook for Non-Governmental Organizations” (author – Sarah Silver);
“Media Relations: Tips from Leading Armenian Experts” and “Diversity – the Legal
Framework for Armenian Media”. Assistance in the development of these books
was provided by MDI regional partners, also Yerevan Press Club.