YPC Weekly Newsletter



On June 10 the National Commission on Television and Radio summed up the results of broadcast licensing competitions on 2300-2400 MHz and 2500-2700 MHz frequency diapasons in Yerevan. As it has been reported, the competitions were announced on January 12, 2005, and the applications submitted – one for each frequency – were considered on April 22 (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, April 15-28, 2005). By the voting results of the National Commission, the right to broadcast on the diapason of 2300-2400 MHz was granted to “A UP” CJSC, that for 2500-2700 MHz – to “AATVC” CJSC.

On the same day, June 10, the National Commission on Television and Radio announced a broadcast licensing competition for FM 106.0 MHz of Tsaghkahovit city (Aragatsotn region). The deadline for the bid submission expires on September 7, 2005. The bids will be considered by the National Commission on September 19, 2005.

Besides, the National Commission on Television and Radio passed several decisions, in particular: to transfer the 28th UHF of Narek village (Ararat region) to the disposal of the RA Ministry of Transportation and Communications to rebroadcast, according to the intergovernmental agreement, the programs of the Russian First Channel (ORT); to allocate a number of frequencies to the Public Radio of Armenia and "Shirak" public TV and radio company (Gyumri, Shirak region) to broadcast the programs of these channels; to publish the full list of frequencies, envisaged for TV and radio broadcasting on the territory of Armenia.