YPC Weekly Newsletter



On October 18 “Aravot” daily informed that on October 15 in Gyumri an attempt
was made to impede the dissemination of the previous, Saturday issue of the
daily. In the opinion of “Aravot”, the discontent of the city authorities was
caused by “Armed and Unbalanced: It is Dangerous When “Psychopath”-Mayor Carries
a Gun” article, containing certain details from the biography and activities
of Gyumri Mayor Vardan Ghukasian. The supporters of the latter, as newspaper
reports, not only withdrew “Aravot” from the stalls, but also went through the
copying centers of the city, prohibiting their owners to make copies of the
article above upon the request of those who managed to buy the daily.

It should be noted that on October 23 in Gyumri elections to the position of
the head of municipality and to the Council of Elderly of the city community
is to be held. Five candidates run for the Mayor, including the incumbent.