YPC Weekly Newsletter



On October 21 the court of primary jurisdiction of Lori region completed hearings on the suit of Vanadzor Branch of Helsinki Citizen’s Assembly versus the Lori Regional Department of RA Service of Compulsory Execution of Judicial Acts. As it has been reported, the Vanadzor Branch of HCA appealed to the court since the compulsory executors were in fact unable to get from Vanadzor municipality and provide the human rights organization with the copies of resolutions, passed by the city authorities and the community Council of Elderly in 2002-2003 (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, September 16-22, 2005). The litigation between HCA Vanadzor Branch and municipality started in 2004 and went through all three court jurisdictions. The courts every time obliged the Vanadzor administration to secure the right of the organization for access to requested documents (but for those constituting a secret), yet the municipality persisted (see details in Annual Report on Freedom of Speech in RA in 2004 on YPC web-site: www.ypc.am).

At the session of October 21 the court took into account the repeated attempts of the compulsory executors to get the court ruling implemented, noting at the same time that the Service was inconsistent in fulfilling its mission. Thus, it did not demand the complete list of the resolutions above, to determine which constitute a secret and are not to be disclosed.

The court obliged the Lori Regional Department of RA Service of Compulsory Execution of Judicial Acts to take all the necessary means for the human rights organization to receive the documents.