YPC Weekly Newsletter



On September 20 the weekly of “Azg” newspaper was published in Russian language.
The 16-page full-color publication of A3 format was intended primarily for Armenians,
residing in Russia. Assistance to the publication of the weekly is provided
by the Union of Armenians of Russia and World Armenian Congress. The activities
of these organizations “will receive particular attention in the weekly”, says
the piece, published in the homonymous Armenian daily on September 21, 2005,
telling about the issuance of the weekly.

According to the Chief Editor of “Azg” Hagob Avedikian, the first two issues
of the weekly with a print run of 1,500 copies will be free of charge. Further
it is planned to publish the weekly on Saturdays, with a print run of up to
30,000 copies to be disseminated mostly in Russia. It is also expected that
a part of the print run, about 500 copies, be sold in Armenia, through subscription.