YPC Weekly Newsletter



On September 8 in a front page editorial “Aravot” daily published its Professional
Ethics Code. The document was developed by the creative staff of the daily and
adopted by consensus on September 6. The free-lance correspondents of the newspaper
expressed their consent with these norms of professional conduct, too.

The Ethics Code of “Aravot”, having 8 clauses, stipulates in particular: to
clearly distinguish between fact and opinion; to ensure accuracy and objectivity
in publication; to provide a right to respond to people criticized or accused
in the newspaper; to avoid of insult and labeling; not to criticize other media
or journalists on the pages of “Aravot” and not to respond to criticism of the
latter; to observe the confidentiality of information sources; not to publish
information about the private lives of people, unless it refers to the revenues
of officials or facts of corruption. Besides, the Ethics Code makes a reservation
that “Aravot” does not express the opinion of any political group, and the comment
in the front page editorial is the personal opinion of an author, not reflecting
the stance of the daily and not influencing the focus of other pieces.

As YPC was told by the Chief Editor of “Aravot” Aram Abrahamian, signing of
the Ethics Code will not be a mandatory requirement when hiring new creative
staff. “This is rather a manifestation of good will, and not an obligation.
However, the journalist who has violated the Code will find it hard to work
on team”, Aram Abrahamian stressed.

The Ethics Code of “Aravot” (in Armenian, Russian and English languages) can
be viewed on the web-site of the daily: www.aravot.am

Notably, “Aravot” was the first national medium of Armenia to publish its norms
of professional conduct.