YPC Weekly Newsletter



On December 22 the ceremony of “Gold Pen” Award of the Journalists Union of
Armenia was held. The Award is conferred once every three years for best publicist

“Gold Pen” Awardees were:

Garnik Ananian, the Dean of Journalism Department of Yerevan State University,
for brochures published in 2004 – “Globalization and Information”, “Urgent Issues
in Journalism” and articles “Clash or Dialogue of Civilizations?”, “History
Versus Globalization“, published in 2006 in “Grakan Tert” newspaper;

David Muradian, Secretary of Writers Union of Armenia, for the essay “Europe
on the Wheels” (Russian “Druzhba Narodov” magazine, No. 2/2005) and the book
“The Right to Inherit”, published in 2005.