YPC Weekly Newsletter



On January 30 the court of primary jurisdiction of Center and Nork Marash communities
of Yerevan heard a case on the suit of the Mayor of Noyemberian city (Tavush
region) Sereja Amiraghian versus “168 Zham” newspaper on protection of the honor,
dignity and professional reputation. The plaintiff demanded that the newspaper
publish a refutation to the open letter of Noyemberian residents to RA Prime
Minister Andranik Margarian and RA President Advisor Bagrat Yesayan. The text
of the letter titled “The Building Given to the Council of Aldermen as Present”
was published in “168 Zham” (No. 58, November 26-28, 2005).

In the letter, the Noyemberian residents stated that during his election campaign
the candidate to the City Mayor Sereja Amiraghian, alongside other obligations,
promised to repair the building of the former city baths for public use. However,
the letter notes that after his election Amiraghian “presented“ this building
to his supporter, “influential” resident of the city and the newly elected member
of the Council of Aldermen of Noyemberian municipality.

As told to YPC by Chief Editor of “168 Zham” newspaper Satik Seyranian, in
December 2005 a representative of City Mayor called the editorial office and
demanded to refute the information in the letter, trying also to reveal the
authors. On December 22, the editorial office got a letter from Sereja Amiraghian
stating that the published information is not true and discredits him. Again,
the demand for refutation was voiced. Enclosed to the letter was a certificate
from Noyemberian municipality that the former bathhouse is still administered
by the municipality. This letter was quoted in “Who Sues Whom?” article of “168
Zham” (No. 71, December 28, 2005 – January 12, 2006), in which the newspaper
took up the Noyemberian story.

At the session of January 30 the court ruled to dismiss the suit against “168