YPC Weekly Newsletter



On March 27 the deadline of the bids for the radio broadcast licensing competitions expired. The competitions were announced by the National Commission on Television and Radio on December 27, 2005. As it has been reported, two vacant FMs of Yerevan – 90.3 and 90.7 MHz were introduced (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, December 23-29, 2005).

Among the applicants for the both frequencies is the founder of “A1+” TV company, “Meltex” LLC. One more bid for each of the frequencies were submitted by “Ulis Media” LLC on FM 90.3 MHz and “Radio Pro” LLC on FM 90.7 MHz.

The bids will be considered by the National Commission on April 7.

It is already the 11th attempt of “A1+” to go back on air. On April 2 it has been four years since the TV company was deprived of air after refusal of a license by the National Commission on Television and Radio. From 2002 up to now, “A1+” has participated in all the TV broadcast licensing competitions announced in Yerevan, and each time its bid was graded lower than the rest. Similarly useless were its efforts to get access to at least radio air. On February 14, 2005 based on the results of voting by the National Commission members, “A1+” lost the competitions for two FMs of Yerevan (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, February 11-17, 2005). The appeals of the international and local communities to the Armenian authorities for changing their politicized attitude to the TV company also failed to influence the situation.

Meanwhile, recently (April 4) one of the high-ranking officials, Chairman of RA National Assembly Arthur Baghdasarian said at the press conference: “Personally, I miss “A1+” and want “A1+” to come back (on air – Ed.). I think that’s all there is to say."