YPC Weekly Newsletter



On Yerevan Press Club web-site (www.ypc.am) the Armenian Press Archive is re-launched
(http://newspaper.ypc.am). In the Archive the following national periodicals
are stored and constantly updated:

Armenian-language newspapers – official “Hayastani Hanrapetutiun” (issues since
December 2003), “Azg” (since January 1999), “Haikakan Zhamanak” (since March
2000), “Hayots Ashkhar” (since December 2000), “Aravot” (since March 1998) dailies,
“Iravunk” (since January 1998) published twice a week, “Yerkir” weekly (since
January 2006) as well as the previously published “Orran” daily (issues from
August 2002 till May 2003);

Russian-language newspapers – official “Respublika Armenia”, published twice
a week (issues since March 2001),”Golos Armenii” (since January 2000) and “Novoye
Vremya” (since December 2000), published three times a week, “Delovoy Express”
weekly (since March 2000), as well as “Azg” and “Aravot” Russian-language versions
(since 2000).

Apart from general re-structuring of http://newspaper.ypc.am, the search engine
for the data base has been improved, too.