YPC Weekly Newsletter



On May 25 the National Commission on Television and Radio announced the results
for radio broadcast licensing competitions of December 27, 2005 for two vacant
FMs in Yerevan – 90.3 and 90.7 MHz. Among the claimers for both frequencies
was “A1+” TV company founder, “Meltex” LLC. Each of the frequencies had another
bidder: “Ulis Media” LLC applied for FM 90.3 MHz and “Radio Pro” LLC for FM
90.7 MHz. By the voting of the National Commission members, the latter two organizations
gained the right to broadcast on these frequencies.

Thus, since being deprived of air in April 2002 and to this day “A1+” took
part in 8 broadcast licensing competitions for TV and in 4 – for radio. It most
probably can file a bid for a Guinness Book of Records – for the biggest number
of competitions “lost”.