YPC Weekly Newsletter



On May 4 at the session of the RA Government it was decided to allocated premises to the “A1+” TV company founder, “Meltex” LLC. The press release of the Department of Information and Public Relations of the RA Government informs that territory of 221 sq. m in a building in the center of Yerevan is allocated to “Meltex” LLC “with a right of free use for five years’ term”.

As it has been reported, on July 20, 2005 “A1+” TV company Director Mesrop Movsesian addressed a written request of assistance to the Prime Minister of Armenia Andranik Margarian. The request was due to the demand of the RA National Science Academy to vacate the premises that “A1+” had been renting from NSA since 1992. “A1+” motivated the refusal to comply with this demand by the violation of existing financial agreement by the National Academy. In early 2005 the NSA filed an appropriate suit with the RA Commercial Court. On April 11, 2005 the suit was secured, and the “A1+” founder challenged the ruling with the RA Court of Cassation, which left it unchanged on May 26, 2005. On March 16, 2006 NSA made another attempt to evict “A1+”: the representatives of RA Compulsory Execution Service who visited the editorial office demanded to vacate the premises until 12.00 March 17 to implement the court ruling. The intervention of the Prime-Minister prevented the “expedient” eviction. A little later the Department of the State Property at the RA Government, as commissioned by the Prime-Minister, offered “A1+” to use the new premises above (see details in YPC Weekly Newsletter, March 17-23, 2006).