YPC Weekly Newsletter



As YPC was informed by the Chief Editor of “Pakagits” daily Agapi Haikazuni,
on November 9 compulsory executors came to the editorial office and presented
a document, authorizing them to move the property out of the office. The property
was arrested in accordance with the ruling of the court of primary jurisdiction
of Erebuni and Nubarashen communities of Yerevan, basing on the suit of Daniel
Tanian who had financial claims to “Pakagits” founder, “Agap-Hrat” LLC, of 8.5
million AMD (around $ 22,000). As Agapi Haikazuni said, she had been completely
unaware of the suit and so had refused to sign the document. On the same day,
Agapi Haikazuni noted, late in the evening on November 9, the compulsory executors
returned the property to the newspaper, saying a misunderstanding had occurred.
However, the regular “Pakagits” issuance was disrupted for a day. Agapi Haikazuni
related the incident to the number of pieces of the daily that criticized the
authorities of the country.

The incident received attention from the Armenian press. Thus, in its issue
of November 11, 2006 “Hayots Ashkhar” daily published an article, “When a Property
Issue is Replaced by a Political One”, informing that on October 30 the attorney
of Daniel Tanian submitted a motion to the court of primary jurisdiction of
Erebuni and Nubarashen communities of Yerevan requesting to take measures for
ensuring the suit. The motion was secured, and the bank account of “Agap-Hrat”
LLC was arrested. However, when it turned out the account had less money than
the amount demanded by the plaintiff, the RA Service of Compulsory Execution
of Court Acts resolved to arrest the property of “Agap-Hrat”. The resolution
about the withdrawal of the property and its storage at the Service of Compulsory
Execution was made after Agapi Haikazuni refused to signed the respective document,
“Hayots Ashkhar” informs. The article also featured the comment of the head
of the Service of Compulsory Execution Arkadiy Balayan, noting, in particular,
that his officers in their actions complied with the law. Arkadiy Balayan also
noted that the property of “Agap-Hrat” was returned not because “a misunderstanding
had occurred”, but when Agapi Haikazuni agreed to accept it for storage (having
signed a relevant document).

In its issue of November 11 “Pakagits” published a photo report of the incident.
In the next issue, of November 14, the daily wrote that Daniel Tanian is a member
of “Democracy and Labor” party, whose premises “Agap-Hrat” used to rent. As
“Pakagits” maintains, the relations with this party were stopped about a year
ago. According to the daily, the bank account of “Agap-Hrat” released from arrest,
and Daniel Tanian addressed the court to stop the litigation. “Pakagits” also
published the aquittance of Daniel Tanian to the effect that “’Agap-Hrat’ LLC
does not owe him 8.5 mln AMD”.