YPC Weekly Newsletter



On November 7 the RA Court of Appeals continued the hearings on the case of
the Chief Editor of “Zhamanak-Yerevan” daily Arman Babajanian. As it has been
reported, Arman Babajanian challenged the ruling of the court of primary jurisdiction
of Center and Nork-Marash communities of Yerevan on September 8. The court had
sentenced him to 4 years’ imprisonment for document fraud to avoid military
service. On its behalf, the RA General Prosecutor’s Office challenged the ruling
of the court of primary jurisdiction, demanding tougher punishment. At the hearing
that started on October 24 the Court of Appeal gave Arman Babajanian time to
recruit a new attorney (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, October
20-26, 2006

At the session of November 7 the court secured the motion of the new attorneys
of Arman Babajanian, Zaruhi Postanjian and Haik Alumian, giving them time to
study the case. The next session is scheduled for November 20.

Earlier, on November 6, at a press-conference at the Journalists Union of Armenia
Zaruhi Postanjian and Haik Alumian, in particular, noted that on October 16
the Editor of “Zhamanak-Yerevan” addressed the Military Commissariat of Shengavit
community of Yerevan with a request that the RA Law “On Citizens Who Have Not Taken Mandatory
Military Service with Procedural Violations” be applied to him. In the opinion
of the attorneys, Arman Babajanian fits into the category of people who can
legally be exempted from mandatory military service, should a certain amount
be paid to state budget. The attorneys of Arman Babajanian noted that the request
should be considered during a month by a special interdepartmental commission.