YPC Weekly Newsletter



On October 25 at Yerevan “Moscow” cinema Armenian-Turkish photo exhibition
“Merhabarev” opened (a blending of two words meaning “Hello” – “Merhaba” in
Turkish and “Barev” in Armenian). The authors of the photographs are five journalists
from Armenia (“PatkerPhoto” agency) and five from Turkey (“Nar” agency) paid
mutual visits to Istanbul and Yerevan, making shootings in the two cities. The
joint project of “PatkerPhoto” and “Nar” is implemented in partnership with
Caucasus Media Institute with the assistance of German Henrich Boll Foundation
and Turkish NGO “Anadolu Kultur”.

In Yerevan the exposition will be on till November 2. Yerevan will also host
a master class on photojournalism for students of journalism departments. “Merhabarev”
is also to be presented in Gyumri, Istanbul, Ankara, Kars, Diarbekir, and a
photo album will be published in Armenian, Turkish and English languages.