YPC Weekly Newsletter



As the correspondent of “Ijevan” TV company Susanna Chabukhian told Yerevan
Press Club, on October 26 in Ijevan, Tavush region, the police impeded the professional
activities of the journalist and the cameraman of the TV company Armen Asatrian.
According to Susanna Chabukhian, the shooting crew of the TV company, upon learning
that the police gathered by the municipality building, arrived on site to cover
the developments. (The conflict between the police and the city administration
occurred because of the address registration files of Ijevan residents that
were stored at the municipality, whereas, as the RA Police maintains, these
files should be kept at the passport desk of the Ijevan police.) As Susanna
Chabukhian said, she and Armen Asatrian went into the building and started going
up to the second floor when they were stopped by a man in civilian outfit (she
further learned that this was the Head of the Police of Tavush region) and rudely,
pushing them with his hands, demanded that they leave the building. According
to Susanna Chabukhian, she introduced herself as the correspondent of “Ijevan”
TV company; however, this did not stop the police officers summoned by this
person. The police put the journalists out of the building by force, trying
at the same time to take the battery out of the video camera. Susanna Chabukhian
noted that even when she and the cameraman found themselves in the street, the
police continued verbally abusing them.

As Susanna Chabukhian informed, she filed applications with the Police of Tavush
region and the Police of Ijevan on the fact of impeding her professional activities.