YPC Weekly Newsletter



On April 27 and 28 in the court of primary jurisdiction of the Center and Nork-Marash
communities of Yerevan, the hearings on the suit of the “Republic” party versus
the RA Central Electoral Commission were held. The suit was brought up through
non-coverage by the five TV companies – Public Television of Armenia, Second
Armenian TV Channel, “Armenia’, “Yerkir-Media” and “ALM” – of the party’s election
rally on April 19. The plaintiff holds that it is a violation of the requirements
of the RA Electoral Code, in particular, Article 18 (“Basic Principles for Pre-Election
Campaign”) on the necessity of ensuring equal conditions for all election participants.
In this respect, “Republic” challenged the inaction of the Central Electoral
Commission and claimed to oblige the channels mentioned above to cover the event
of the party, moreover – in the same volume they covered the election rallies
of other parties on that day. At the session of April 28, the court declined
the suit of “Republic”.