YPC Weekly Newsletter



On April 8 the RA Central Election Commission made a resolution on the procedure
and the timeline for public broadcasters to provide air for pre-election promotion
to parties/bloc, running for seats in RA National Assembly by proportionate
representation system.

The succession of the parties/bloc to be given air by public broadcasters for
pre-election promotion was determined by a timeline made after sortition and
approved by CEC. The air for pre-election promotion is given to parties/bloc
daily, since April 10 till May 10, excluding April 24 (1915 Genocide Commemoration
Day). The political advertising is aired by the First Channel of the Public
Television of Armenia and on Public Radio of Armenia – the frequencies 69.77
MHz, 1395 kHz and the republican FM network; the public broadcasters will also
ensure the simultaneous broadcasting on the air of “Shirak” public TV and radio
company. The time for pre-election promotion of parties/bloc on the public television
is defined to be 17.15-21.00. If the time is insufficient, the broadcasting
will continue after the end of the PTA First Channel newscast, “Haylur”. The
public radio provides air for pre-election promotion of the parties/bloc from
13.30 till 16.00 and from 21.40 till 23.50. In case of a technical need, the
broadcasters may shift the timeframes, specified by 30 minutes at most.

Each party/bloc is given 60 minutes of free and 120 minutes of paid airtime
on the public television. The free airtime will be allocated to each party/bloc
in 2 minute portions per day every day from April 10 till May 10, and the paid
airtime duration will be as follows: a) on April 10-23 – up to 3 minutes for
every party/bloc; b) on April 25 – May 6 – up to 4 minutes; c) on May 7 and
8 – up to 7 minutes; d) on May 9 and 10 – up to 8 minutes.

Each party/bloc on public radio receives 120 minutes of free and 180 minutes
of paid airtime: 4 free minutes (divided equally between morning and evening
airtime), 6 paid minutes (divided equally between morning and evening airtime).

If the party/bloc has not used the time allocated in accordance with the timeline,
it does not receive make-up airtime. The airtime, allocated to one party/bloc
cannot be used by another party.

The public broadcasters provide live air to parties/blocs, in case of their
request – also a program host, or broadcast video and audio materials, provided
by the party/bloc.