YPC Weekly Newsletter



On April 7 by a decree of the RA President Robert Kocharian Girgor Amalian
was appointed a member of the National Commission on Television and Radio for
six years’ term of service. This filled one of the three vacancies that opened
due to the term end of three NCTR members on March 19, 2007 – NCTR Chairman
Grigor Amalian, the Vice-Chairman Shamiram Aghabekian and Karineh Khodikian.

As it has been reported, that after the RA Constitution was amended, the procedure
for forming the NCTR changed: according to Article 83.2, half of the members
of this regulating body is elected by the National Assembly, with a majority
of votes, for six years’ term of service, and the other half is appointed by
the RA President for the same term. Besides, in accordance with amendments to
the RA Law “On Television and Radio” (adopted by the Parliament on
February 26 and signed by the RA President on March 20, 2007), the size of the
NCTR changed, too: eight members instead of nine. Thus, presently the NCTR has
another vacancy to be filled in by the National Assembly. Apparently, this would
happen after the new Parliament is summoned.

On April 9 at the NCTR session Grigor Amalian was elected its Chairman, and
Zhirayr Dadasian – the Vice Chairman.