YPC Weekly Newsletter



On February 7 at “Urbat” club two new books were presented “Journalism: What,
How, Why? Original Texts” and “Open Door. Reader’s Editor to Readers”, published
in “Journalist’s Library” series of Yerevan Press Club.

“Journalism: What, How, Why? Original Texts”, compiled by Aydin Morikian, is
the reader for Aydin Morikian’s textbook, “Journalism: What, How, Why?”, produced
in the same series (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, March
10-16, 2006
). It presents literary works on journalism of famous Armenian
and foreign writers and philosophers. A significant part of these works is for
the first time published in Armenian (translated by Aydin Morikian, Mesrop Harutiunian).
Among the authors presented are Vahan Terian, Hovhannes Tumanian, Eghishe Charents,
Mikhail Lomonosov, Jonathan Swift, Napoleon Bonaparte, Knut Hamsun, Mark Twain,
Emil Zola, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Oscar Wilde, Mikhail Bulgakov, Albert Einstein,
Ilf and Petrov, Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, Gabriel Garcia Marquez,
Haruki Murakami, etc. The book has been prepared and published under YPC project
“Supporting Freedom and Quality of Journalism and Directing Media Towards Urgent
Issues”, funded by Open Society Institute.

“Open Door. Reader’s Editor to Readers” is the translation into Armenian of
Ian Mayes’s book. A journalist with 50-year professional experience, Ian Mayes
has been Reader’s Editor (the ombudsman) of the British Guardian daily since
November 1997 and currently is the President of Organization of News Ombudsmen
(ONO). Besides the daily publication of corrections and clarifications to the
Guardian pieces, Ian Mayes has a weekly “Open Door” column, dealing primarily
with journalistic ethics. Collections of his “columns” were translated into
many languages. The new publication of YPC is intended for journalism students,
practicing journalists, media self-regulation researchers. The book was developed
and published under YPC project “Media Ombudsman: Theory, Practice, Development
of a Special Course”, supported by UNESCO Moscow Office.