YPC Weekly Newsletter



On February 9 the RA Commercial Court heard the suit of “Shant” TV company
versus “Iravunk” newspaper (party organ of “Constitutional Right” Union) with
a demand to refute the false data about the TV company and its head Artur Yezekian.
The reason was the information, published in “Iravunk” of November 7-9, 2006,
in the regular column “Wonders of the Week-1”. The publication told, in particular,
about the abundance of “porno films on the night air of ‘Shant’” and “alcohol
advertising at daytime and at nights”. “Iravunk” explained this “mass release
of varying disgrace” by the fact that the head of the company Artur Yezekian
is “a member of Rotary Club”, “actually an explicit Mason”: “Everybody knows
that to enhance the influence of their “Center” Masons always deemed it right
to disrupt morals in the country to be influenced, and air is a very good tool
for that.” “Shant” TV company addressed “Iravunk” editorial office demanding
to publish a refutation, since this had not been done, the broadcaster filed
a suit on January 8, 2007.

At the court session of February 9 the suit of “Shant” was partially secured:
the RA Commercial Court demanded that the newspaper publish a refutation of
false information about the TV company. The issue of refuting the allegations
about its head must be resolved by a court of general jurisdiction. “Shant”,
on its behalf, stated its intention to file an appropriate suit with a court
of primary jurisdiction.