YPC Weekly Newsletter



On January 9 Yerevan Press Club issued an address to the media community of
Armenia, suggesting to jointly develop the principal norms of professional ethics,
uniting quality media of the country. The address expresses a wish that “the
norms be acceptable for as many media and journalists as possible and be applied
by them in their day-to-day work”. Stressing the need for such a document today,
when parliamentary elections are forthcoming, YPC made a call for cooperation
to “all media who are ready to take part in the development of ethical norms
and adhere to them in future”.

As of the YPC Newsletter issuance date, the initiative was joined by Radio “HAY”, “Yerkir-Media”, Second Armenian TV Channel, “Sosi” and “Lori” TV companies, “Aravot”, “Azg”, “168 Zham” and “Delovoy Express” newspapers, Lragir.am online publication.
Willingness to support the initiative was stated by “Internews” Media Support
NGO, “Asparez” Journalist’s Club of Gyumri, and individually – the political
observer of “Radiolur” newscast of Public Radio of Armenia Tatul Hakobian, the
correspondent of ITAR-TASS in Armenia Tigran Liloyan, the correspondent of “Interfax”
news agency in Armenia Arman Tarjimanian.

YPC initiative can be joined till January 20, 2007, by calling +374 10 53 00
67, 53 35 41 or e-mailing to pressclub@ypc.am