YPC Weekly Newsletter



On May 16 on the evening air of “Yerkir-Media” the final “Face of Country”
TV program was aired. The cycle is produced under Yerevan Press Club project
supported by the Public Affairs Section of the US Department of State. The TV
debate cycle between the representatives of parties/bloc, as well as majority
candidates running for seats at the RA National Assembly, was aired on “Yerkir-Media”
throughout the official promotion campaign from April 11 to May 9 (see YPC Weekly
Newsletter, April 6-12, 2007,
April 13-19, 2007, April
20-26, 2007
, April 27 – May
3, 2007
and May 4-10, 2007).

On May 16 the guests of the program host Aram Abrahamian were Professor of
Yerevan State University, sociologist Ludmila Harutiunian and the YPC President
Boris Navasardian, who summed up the results of the RA NA elections held on
May 12. The discussion subject were the following questions: how free, fair
and transparent the elections were; what the new balance of political forces
has in store for Armenia; the assessment of the elections by the international
community; how the elections results will affect the overall situation of the