YPC Weekly Newsletter



The “Face of the Country” program cycle continues on the evening air of “Yerkir
Media” TV company. The cycle is produced under Yerevan Press Club project supported
by the Public Affairs Section of the US Department of State. The TV debate cycle
between the representatives of parties/bloc, running for seats at the RA National
Assembly, was aired on “Yerkir-Media” throughout the official promotion campaign
from April 11 to May 9. In the first stage (till May 2) the debates were held
between the representatives of two parties (see details in YPC Weekly Newsletter,
April 6-12, 2007, April
13-19, 2007
, April 20-26,
and April 27- May 3, 2007).
In the second stage (7-9 May), the debates involved representatives of several

The program of May 4 was somewhat different from the format mentioned above.
Herein, the discussion was between the candidates for RA National Assembly deputies,
running by majoritarian system in the constituency No.4 (Arabkir community of
Yerevan) – Sargis Muradkhanian (from “National Unity” party), Suren Mamikonian
(from “Orinats Yerkir” party), Hayrapet Hayrapetian (from “Prosperous Armenia”
party), Zohrab Zohrabian (nominated by the Republican Party of Armenia), Hrayr
Karapetian (from “Dashnaktsutiun” party) and Aram Manukian (from Armenian National
Movement). The change of the format was conditioned by the keen interest of
the public to this constituency: here there is the biggest number of candidates,
representing both the pro-government and opposition political forces. Besides,
it is the only constituency, in which the majoritarian candidates made an agreement
on the “fair pre-election competition”.

On May 7, the participants of the debates were representatives of the Republican
Party of Armenia, “Dashnaktsutiun”, “Orinats Yerkir”, “Prosperous Armenia”,
“New Times” and “Republic”.

On May 8, debates were held between the representatives of the People’s Party
of Armenia, Social Democratic Hnchak Party, Democratic Party of Armenia, Youth
Party of Armenia, “National Accord” and “Impeachment” bloc.

On May 9, the debates involved representatives of the National Democratic Party,
Communist Party of Armenia, “Heritage”, “Christian People Renaissance” and “Democratic

Thus, in the first stage those refusing to participate in the debates were
Marxist Party of Armenia, Popular Party, United Liberal National Party and “Dashink”
party; in the second stage – United Labour Party and “National Unity”.

The next “Face of the Country” program will be aired on “Yerkir-Media” after
the elections – on May 16, at 21.40.