YPC Weekly Newsletter



Till November 19 2007 the TV and radio companies of Armenia were to publish
their tariffs for pre-election promotion during the official presidential election
campaign (elections scheduled for February 19, 2008). The public broadcasters
had announced their tariffs earlier (see details in YPC Weekly Newsletter on
November 9-15, 2007).

The national and Yerevan private TV companies have established higher tariffs
than the public broadcasters. Thus, on “AR” TV channel 1 minute of pre-election
promotion costs 100,000 AMD ($ 1 is equal to 317 AMD). On the Second Armenian
TV Channel and “Kentron” TV company the price for one minute of airtime for
presidency candidates makes 108,000 AMD. On “Shant”, “ALM” and “Yerkir Media”
TV channels the minute of airtime would cost 120,000 AMD, on “Armenia” TV channel
– 130,000 AMD (prices here and below include VAT). All TV companies listed above
restricted the duration of paid pre-election promotion to 6 minutes per day
for each candidate. The time unused by the candidate on a certain day cannot
be added to his limit of the next day.

Thus, the tariffs of the leading TV companies remained the same as during the
election campaign for the RA National Assembly, or, as in the case of “Shant”
and “Yerkir Media”, have somewhat increased (to compare see the YPC Weekly Newsletter,
February 9-15, 2007).

As to regional broadcasters, only some of them announced their tariffs for
pre-election promotion. Thus, in Syunik region only “Sosi” TV company of Kapan
announced its intention to provide airtime to presidency candidates at 15,000
AMD per minute. The same tariff for an airtime minute is established by “Lori”
TV company of Vanadzor (Lori region). In Shirak region the tariffs were announced
by “GALA” TV company of Gyumri – 18,000 AMD (in this case – without a VAT),
while another Gyumri TV channel, “Shant”, will only rebroadcast the promotional
materials of the “mother” TV company of Yerevan. Regional TV companies did not
limit the daily duration of paid pre-election promotion; overall, their tariffs
are lower than during the pre-election campaign for the National Assembly.

Many private broadcasters decided not to provide paid air for promotion. In
particular, such decision was made by “Shoghakat”, “Yerevan”, “Hayrenik” TV
companies and Hai FM 105.5, “HAY”, “Van” and “City FM” of