YPC Weekly Newsletter



On November 11 representatives of 25 media and journalistic associations who
took part in “Media Self-Regulation: First Steps and Objectives. Pre-Election
Processes in Armenian Media” seminar, adopted the following statement:

“We, the participants of “Media Self-Regulation” seminar (Tsaghkadzor,
November 9-11, 2007), concerned with the negative trends, observed in the information
domain ahead of presidential elections and noting these trends hold the danger
of even greater polarization in press, urge:

– Not to transform the political debate into collision between media, that
would, in its turn, result in a climate of intolerance in the society.

– To respect the civil stance of every medium, to strictly follow professional
standards, not to violate the principles of propriety and decency in the news
coverage and comment.

– To remember that mutually discrediting publications would in the long run
lead to public distrust to media themselves.

– To remember that elections and the authorities always come and go, and the
“fourth estate” should go on serving the society.”

The statement was signed: Hagop Avedikian (Chief Editor of “Azg” daily); Margarita
Minasian (Director of “Tsayg” TV company); Aram Abrahamian (Chief Editor of
“Aravot” daily); Edward Naghdalian (Chief Editor of “Delovoy Express” newspaper);
Karineh Harutiunian (Director of “GALA” TV company); Haikazn Ghahrian (Chief
Editor of Lragir.am online publication); Naira Bulghadarian (correspondent of
“Civil Initiative” newspaper); Mesrop Movsеsian (“Meltex” LLC President); Satik
Seyranian (Chief Editor of “168 Zham” newspaper); Marat Yavrumian (Executive
Editor of “Capital” newspaper); Suren Barseghian (Director of “STV1” TV company);
Pap Hayrapetian (Chief Editor of “Sevan” newspaper); Manvel Mikoyan (Chief Editor
of “Loru Marz” newspaper); Azniv Chzmechian (Director of “Abovian” TV company);
Sos Siradeghian (Director of “Ankyun+3” TV company); Susanna Shakhnazarian (President
of Goris Press Club); Khachik Danielian (Director of “ALT” TV company); Boris
Navasardian (President of Yerevan Press Club); Astghik Gevorgian (Chairwoman
of Journalists Union of Armenia); Levon Barseghian (Board Chairman of “Asparez”
Journalist’s Club); Ashot Melikian (Chairman of the Committee to Protect Freedom
of Expression); Lilit Simonian (Head of Center of Right and Information); Elina
Poghosbekian (Editor of YPC Weekly Electronic Newsletter); Mesrop Harutiunian
(YPC Expert); Naira Hayrumian (Chief Editor of KarabakhOpen.com online publication).

In the end of the appeal it was noted that the statement is open to join. On
November 15 the statement was joined by a free-lance journalist, the Chief Editor
of “Nairi” publishing house Hovhannes Ayvazian.