YPC Weekly Newsletter



On February 15 “Asparez” Journalist’s Club of Gyumri disseminated a statement
regarding a poster raised at a pre-election rally of the presidential candidate
of the Republican Party of Armenia, the RA Prime Minister Serge Sargsian, held
on the same day in Gyumri. As it can be seen from the photographs made during
the rally, the poster with the motto “Ahead, Armenia” (the slogan of Serge Sargsian’s
campaign) bore a signature “’Asparez’ Journalist’s Club”. “None of those who
held the poster, brought it to the square, invented and made it, has any link
to “Asparez” Journalist’s Club”, the journalistic association announced,
having qualified the incident as “a futile attempt to discredit and stain its
reputation” of “Asparez”.