YPC Weekly Newsletter



In the early morning of January 19 at about 5.00 an attempt to set “Asparez”
Journalist’s Club of Gyumri on fire was made. A piece of cloth, soaked in petrol
and burning, was thrown at one of the windows of “Asparez” office. As a result,
part of the window burned and the glasses cracked. In the report of the incident,
placed on January 22 on the web-site of “Asparez”, it is noted that the Club
resolved not to address the police (proceeding from the fact that the investigations
into the cases of attempted trespassing on the property of the organization
and its staff in 2002-2006 yielded no result). Meanwhile, as YPC was told by
“Asparez” Board Chairman Levon Barseghian, the Gyumri police department
started the investigative measures.