YPC Weekly Newsletter



In the evening of March 27 during a walk on the Northern Avenue of Yerevan
Tigran Paskevichian, the correspondent of “Hetq” online publication and the
scriptwriter of “Shoghakat” TV company, was detained and taken to the Shengavit
police department. According to Tigran Paskevichian, the police officers took
him by his arms and led to a police car. The question of the journalist why
he was being detained one of the police officers said: “I don’t know, this is
what we were told to do.” The colleagues of other media around were unsuccessfully
trying to explain it to the law-enforcers that Paskevichian is a journalist.
Having spent some time at Shengavit police department, Tigran Paskevichian was
transferred to the Mashtots department from where he was soon released with
no explanations as to the reason of detainment and only an excuse of having
allegedly mistaken him for someone else.