YPC Weekly Newsletter



On December 2 Police Department of Kentron community charged the recently appointed
Executive Editor of “Zhamanak-Yerevan” daily, member of Political Council and
the spokesperson of “Republic” party Suren Sureniants on Article 136 of RA Criminal
Code (“Insult”). As Suren Sureniants told YPC with a reference to the police
representative, the criminal proceedings against him were instituted in August
2008 by the complaint of the establisher of “National Idea” magazine Artem Khachatrian.
According to Suren Sureniants, in July 2008 Artem Khachatrian published an article
in the above-mentioned magazine, in which he spoke disrespectfully about the
national hero, late RA Prime-Minister Vazgen Sargsian. Artem Khachatrian’s expressions
brought on comments of a number of political figures and media. As Executive
Editor of “Zhamanak-Yerevan” daily stated, his opinion regarding the personality
of Artem Khachatrian was published in “Iravunk de facto” newspaper on August
11, 2008, and this particular publication constituted a ground for instituting
the criminal proceedings. Suren Sureniants also informed that in the nearest
time the police are going to take the criminal case to the court. In the opinion
of Suren Sureniants, the accusation presented is not related to the activities
of “Zhamanak-Yerevan”, but it is remarkable that it coincided with his appointment
to the position of Executive Editor. As it has been reported, the establisher
and Chief Editor of “Zhamanak-Yerevan” oppositional newspaper Arman Babajanian
has been serving his sentence for document fraud to evade military service for
already three years (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, November 14-19,