YPC Weekly Newsletter



On October 14 RA Administrative Court started hearings on the suit of Freedom
of Information Center versus Hrazdan municipality (Kotayk region). The public
organization applied to the court demanding to oblige Hrazdan municipality to
provide the copies of decisions of the Council of Elderly and the mayor of Hrazdan
for the second quarter of 2007, as well as to publicize the legal acts adopted
by the community management, in the procedure stipulated by law and in the form
accessible for the public. Besides, Freedom of Information Center demanded to
oblige Hrazdan municipality to pay a fine of 50,000 drams (approximately $ 170)
for violation of Article 189.7 of the RA Code of Administrative Violations (“Failure
to comply with obligation to provide information”).

On November 2, 2007 Freedom of Information Center inquired the copies of the
above-mentioned documents from Hrazdan municipality. On November 22, without
getting any reply, the organization asked the RA Human Rights Defender for assistance.
The both addresses of the ombudsman to Hrazdan municipal administration on December
17, 2007 and on February 14, 2008 remained with no result. Then Freedom of Information
Center applied to the court.

In the session of October 14 the defendant provided the required documents,
and thus one of the demands of the plaintiff was satisfied. Nevertheless, as
President of Freedom of Information Center Shushan Doydoyan stressed, the organization
is going to insist on two other demands – publicizing the legal acts and the
fine on Hrazdan municipality.