YPC Weekly Newsletter



On October 21 Civil Court of Yerevan started hearings of the case of Arthur
Ghevondian, RA police officer, versus ”Aravot” daily. The plaintiff demands
to induce the newspaper to publish a refutation of the information in the article
“If Your Neighbor is a Policeman” (“Aravot”, June 25, 2008) by Ruzan
Minasian, Correspondent of the daily. In the opinion of Arthur Ghevondian, this
article discredits his honor and reputation. The publication is devoted to the
court session on dispute between Arthur Ghevondian and his neighbors regarding
an annex on the roof of building. Litigation proceeding on this case goes on
for more than a year already.

During the session on October 21 the defendant motioned that the plaintiff
point out specific words or expressions in the article considered by him as
discrediting his honor and reputation. The court provided the plaintiff time
for getting prepared and scheduled the next session for October 30.

As Ruzan Minasian told YPC, she also intends to apply to the Media Ethics Observatory
to receive a professional judgment on the publication that became the subject
of trial.