YPC Weekly Newsletter



On October 3 an information appeared on the web site of RA Police, entitled
“Necessary Clarification” and regarding the incident of September 20-21 with
the Head of “Radiolur” news program of Public Radio of Armenia Artur Sahakian.
As it has been reported, a friend of the journalist fell a victim of the incident
and died in the hospital after the beating that took place on September 21.
On the same day another journalist , who was in one of Yerevan cafes together
with Artur Sahakian, was beaten (see details in YPC Weekly Newsletter, September
26 – October 2, 2008

According to police information, criminal proceedings by Clause 1, Part 3,
Article 258 of the RA Criminal Code (“Public Disorder”) were instituted against
one of the incident participants that went to the police to give himself up.
Two other persons, questioned on October 27 and detained on October 30, were
instituted criminal proceedings against – by Clause 1, Part 3, Article 258 as
well as Clauses 6 and 14, Part 2, Article 112 of the RA Criminal Code (“Intentional
Harm to Health”). Police also stressed that some of the persons involved
in this case gave contradictory evidence.

Meanwhile, the “necessary clarification” of the police, in its turn, contains
obvious contradictions and does not bring any clarity to this complicated story.