YPC Weekly Newsletter



On January 16 free-lance journalist Gagik Shamshian suffered during an incident
next to the building of the court of general jurisdiction of Shengavit community
of Yerevan. Gagik Shamshian told YPC that he was stricken off his feet by the
policeman while shooting the action to support the defendants charged with the
so-called “Case of Seven” (the separate trial of the case of seven supporters
of the RA First President Levon Ter-Petrosian, charged with the organization
of mass disorders and attempts for violent seizure of power). Gagik Shamshian
said that as he was falling down he slipped and hit his head against a post.
Later, at the editorial office of “Chorrord Ishkhanutiun” newspaper the journalist
felt unwell and was taken to one of Yerevan’s hospitals. According to Gagik
Shamshian, after an X-ray examination the doctor said he had a slight head injury.
The journalist also stressed he had a photograph of the police officer who struck
him. On January 19 Gagik Shamshian was called to the police department of Shengavit
community for explanations.