YPC Weekly Newsletter



On December 30, 2008 the RA Administrative Court released its ruling on the suit of Freedom of Information Center versus the administration of Arabkir community of Yerevan committing the latter to providing the information requested. As it has been reported, the inquiry sent by the NGO on July 30, 2008, asked for the number and the addresses of apartments, owned by Arabkir community, as well as for the court statistics regarding the eviction of residents from unprivatized apartments. In the letter of August 6 the communal administration answered only the second part of the inquiry, and the FOI Center addressed the court which heard the suit on December 19 (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, December 19-25, 2008).

At the session of December 30 the Administrative Court secured all demands of the plaintiff. Having recognized the actions of Arabkir community in answering the inquiry unlawful, the court committed it to providing the FOI Center with necessary information in full, as well as to compensating the amount of about 4,000 AMD (around $ 13.5), paid by the organization as a state duty for addressing the court.