YPC Weekly Newsletter



On March 21 at the age of 49, Ruben Mangasarian unexpectedly passed away. He
was not only one of the best photojournalists, he was also in great demand.
Prominent world print media and news agencies, with whom Ruben cooperated, are
numerous. Endless travels across the post-Soviet area and exclusive photo-reports
from hot spots. Prestigious awards and personal exhibitions in not less prestigious
galleries. One would think that’s all a real professional needs. However, Ruben
never gave up the idea that the approach to photojournalism in his own country
has to be changed: “The photo is not just a simple blotch to fill up newspaper
pages. The best Armenian photojournalists should not prefer working for the
foreign market.” In 1995 Ruben Mangasarian became one of the founders of Yerevan
Press Club, the first professional journalistic association of post-communist
Armenia. In 1996 he established the first independent photo agency, “Patker”.
Then it went on like a snow-ball: many projects, including regional ones, education
of the new generation of journalists. His last brainchild was the Armenian version
of “National Geographic Traveler” magazine and “National Geographic Traveler-Armenia”
Club. No time was left for hobbies: fishing and camping across Armenia. A person
who had endless energy and was chronically tired. The heart couldn’t bear it

Yerevan Press Club expresses sincere condolences to the relatives, friends,
associates, and to the whole journalistic community with the untimely death
of Ruben Mangasarian.